wiGen - WebIndex Data Generator

This page contains a generator of random data that be used to benchmark RDF schema languages

The data model is inspired by the WebIndex data. We have done several modifications to the original data model in order to simplify the presentation and to explain some of the features of the different schema languages.


The wiGen tool can be invoked as:

  -p, --computations  <arg>    Number of computations (default = 1)           
  -c, --countries  <arg>       Number of countries (default = 1)              
  -d, --dataSets  <arg>        Number of data sets (default = 1)              
  -f, --file  <arg>            save generated data in a file                  
      --format  <arg>          format (default = TURTLE)                      
  -i, --Indicators  <arg>      Number of indicators (default = 1)             
  -o, --observations  <arg>    Number of observations (default = 1)           
  -g, --Organizations  <arg>   Number of organizations (default = 1)          
  -h, --shacl                  validate data with shacl                       
      --no-shacl               don't validate data with shacl                 
  -x, --shex                   validate data with shex                        
      --no-shex                don't validate data with shex                  
  -s, --show                   show data generated                            
      --no-show                don't show data generated                      
      --single                 generate a single scopeNode declaration        
      --no-single              generate all scopeNode declarations            
  -l, --slices  <arg>          Number of slices (default = 1)                 
  -t, --time                   show time                                      
      --no-time                don't show time                                
      --help                   Show help message                              

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