Kukulcan: Semantic Web Framework for Knowledge Management in the Domain of Digital Circuits


In recent years Ontologies have boomed as artifacts to represent a domain and they are considered an important key to the success of the Semantic Web. Thus, Humans and Machines would be able to understand and share information on the Web which are also important in the context of Knowledge Management. Although the study of the relation between Ontologies and Knowledge Management is not new and this is applied in Knowledge Engineering, Semantic Web Techniques such as Reasoners and Ontology queries have been recently studied and applied. A Framework based on Semantic Web Techniques can give more options for sharing, increasing, reusing, and capitalizing the knowledge in organizations and companies. In digital circuits domain, a Semantic Web Framework can be employed for teaching logic gates (and, or, not, xor, etc.), and this approach has been deemed as an effective way for capturing and using the knowledge of the logic gates on assembling circuit systems. This knowledge can be reused by new developers gaining time and reducing circuits manufacturing costs. In addition, the correct assembling among logic gates and the right output of a circuit can be validated by using semantic techniques. In this paper, we describe a semantic web framework based on a core ontology, a Pellet reasoner and SPARQL queries for Knowledge Management based on the domain of digital circuits. We use an example and a prototype called Kukulcan to explain our approach.

IKE’13: The 12th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering, Las Vegas, USA