Interactive web environment for collaborative and extensible diagram based learning


Nowadays there is a growing need of ubiquity for learning, research and development tools, due to the portability and availability problems concerning traditional desktop applications. In this paper, we suggest an approach to avoid any further download or installation. The main goal is to offer a collaborative and extensible web environment which will cover a series of domains highly demanded by different kinds of working groups, in which it is crucial to have tools which facilitate the exchange of information and the collaboration among their members. The result of those interactions would be the development of one or several diagrams accessible from any geographical location, independently of the device employed. The environment can be adapted through personalized components, depending on the type of diagram that the user wants to interact with and the users can also create new elements or search and share components with other users of the community. By means of this environment, it will be possible to do research on the usability of collaborative tools for design diagrams, as well as research on the psychology of group interactions, assessing the results coming from the employment of known methodologies, techniques, paradigms or patterns, both at an individual and at a collaborative group level.

Computers in Human Behaviour, vol 26, pp: 210-217, 2010