Entity Schema visualization and authoring tools


Historically, data sharing requires data modelling, which implies data structures consensus and dissemination. The UML community has addressed this graphically with languages that rely principally in graphical representations and only secondarily on exchange formats. It focuses on a conceptual model, leaving the data binding as a matter separate from modelling. When modelling with ShEx schemas, we get a physical representation for free. This eliminates an opaque layer from the modelling pipeline, one which trivially introduced interop problems. Wikidata users need the simplest tools possible in order to create coherent and complementary schemas and disseminate these schemas to a non-expert (at least vis-a-vis schema languages) community of contributors and users. This talk focuses on existing tools for expressing graph data, in particular, graphical tools which steepen the learning curve of the user to the extent that they aren’t even aware that they are learning a new system. We will also explore how these tools can be integrated in Wikidata toolchain both for visualizing and authoring schemas.

Berlin, Germany