Ontolo-CI: Continuous data validation with ShEx


The amount of public linked data published on the Web has been growing more and more over the last years. In order to keep the consistency of this continuously-growing base of datasets, data validation is a necessity for data publishers and maintainers. To address such validation of ontologies, there are mainly two shapes-based languages, e.g. ShEx and SHACL. The former is pointed out as a concise, formal, modeling approach, while the second is a W3C recommendation for data validation. SHACL already has available tools to perform validation on the fly, but ShEx still lacks this feature. In order to reduce this gap, this work presents Ontolo-CI: a tool for automated data validation, capable of accepting ShEx shapes as input, allowing users to validate their data on the fly through an CI/CD approach, by using GitHub Actions.

In Semantics Conference, Semantics. Poster paper, CEUR Proceedings, vol 3235