Converting Asturian Notaries Public deeds to Linked Data using TEI and ShExML


Comprehension of past events and its reconstruction is one of the tasks performed by historians. With the introduction of computeraided methods the way in which historians perform their work has been transformed. One of these inclusions is the Semantic Web which can act as an alternative for publication, conciliation, standardisation and integration. Asturian notaries public contracts are a valuable material to understand the society of this epoch, specially in the Middle Ages where a renovation process in the institution was taking place. Therefore, in this work we explore the transformation of TEI-based XML transcriptions of notarial contracts to RDF by means of an heterogeneous data mapping tool which can improve the mechanism to publish Linked Data from existing transcriptions.

In Workshop: Workshop on Humanities in the Semantic web - WHISE III as ESWC 2020