Legislative document content extraction based on Semantic Web technologies - A use case about processing the History of the Law


This paper describes the system architecture for generating the History of the Law developed for the Chilean National Library of Congress (BCN). The production system uses Semantic Web technologies, Akoma-Ntoso, and tools that automate the marking of plain text to XML, enriching and linking documents. These documents semantically annotated allow to develop specialized political and legislative services, and to extract knowledge for a Legal Knowledge Base for public use. We show the strategies used for the implementation of the automatic markup tools, as well as describe the knowledge graph generated from semantic documents. Finally, we show the contrast between the time of document processing using semantic technologies versus manual tasks, and the lessons learnt in this process, installing a base for the replication of a technological model that allows the generation of useful services for diverse contexts.

In Extended Semantic Web Conference, ESWC2019.