Home page revamped

These days, in my spare time while on vacation, I decided to rewrite my home page. The task was not easy as I was doing it in a hotel in Lanzarote, without internet connection in my room, and using Hugo, a website framework, that I hadn’t used before.

Anyway, Hugo seems quite intuitive and is very fast to compile and run, so it is funny for trial-and-error. Also, there is a very nice Academic theme which facilitated the quick creation of the fist draft.

Once I did the first draft and started to add content, I noticed that I had a long list of publications that required some extra-information like the journal, year or authors, so I had to customize the academic theme.

In order to browse Hugo documentation while being offline, I found useful this project, which generated all Hugo documentation in a single HTML page.

It seems that the customization can be easily done by replacing the pages that are in the themes folder by the equivalent ones in the root folder.

I had to change the pages:

  • layouts/widgets/publication: declares how to visualize publications in the home page. I added a link at the end to show all publications. I had also added some code to add filtering by tags, but the result is not nice, so I commented it. It seems that commenting code in HTML in Hugo requires to remove the {{ in the comments.

  • layouts/partials/publication_li_simple.html: defines how to visualize a single publication (I added there the authors, publication and year)

  • layouts/section/publication.html: declares how to filter publications by type and repeats the previous code. It would be better to use a partial, but I didn’t want to break things from the academic theme.

I also managed to integrate Travis with github so when I push some changes to github, it automatically deploys the content via Travis. Notice that there are 2 branches, the source branch contains the source code, and the master branch contains the result (in Hugo, the result is by default created in the folder /public)

The source code is located here and the resulting web page is here.

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